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Considerada una de las mejores empresas de sistemas de seguridad a nivel de Andalucía, podrá tener la confianza de que sus sistemas estarán en los mejores profesionales y con la atención personalizada 24 horas los 365 días del año.

State-of-the-art HD and 4K cameras with facial recognition and movement detection algorithms for effective and legal recordings for possible uses in trials.

At the forefront of computer security and backups to not lose a single data and with services on Windows, Linux, Mac and 24-hour operating phone for total coverage.

Eyelink S.L. es una empresa de servicios de suministro de sistemas de extinción de incendios con riesgo especial. Respetuosas con el medio ambiente, disponemos de una línea completa de paneles y dispositivos de control de alarma contra incendios Notifier.









Eyelink Security Systems


Fire Protection System

We cover the entire firefighting sector from projects, engineering, mandatory maintenance of all types of extinguishing systems such as industry approvals and turnkey installations completions.


Our main values

Our goal is your safety

Pressure groups

Booster systems for self-extinguishing, passive extinguishing and the operation of B.I.E., water, foam, gases and sprinklers.

Fire extinguisher maintenance

Mandatory maintenance of both powder and CO2 fire extinguishers, repainting and supply of all kinds of items such as inking cars, fireproof blankets, fire extinguisher boxes, etc….

Passive protection

Fireproofing is an industrial technique to improve the reaction of materials against fire. This technique adds a fire retardant additive to a flammable material when it is manufactured.


By law, every building must contain evacuation routes, a correct fire signaling and a good emergency plan. People who are at the scene of the fire must follow a security protocol.

Eyelink Security Systems

Latest technologies in Video Surveillance

Here we present the latest and most effective video surveillance systems

they are capable of detecting all kinds of both intrusions

as recognition of people and temperatures.

Facial recognition

Video analytics

Temperature control

analitica de vídeo

An algorithm automatically encodes the facial image (about which you want to investigate) entered into the system, and then compares it with the profiles stored in it. In this way, a “candidate” list of the most probable successes is obtained.

Video analysis or also known as Video Analytics consists of the algorithmic study of the images captured by a Video Surveillance system. The analysis module, after defining a series of rules or patterns, will warn us that any of them is met, in this way you can track any intruder in both exterior and interior areas. The analysis module, after defining a series of rules or patterns, will warn us that any of them is met, in this way you can track any intruder in both exterior and interior areas.

El módulo de análisis, después de definir una serie de reglas o patrones, nos avisará de que cualquiera de ellas se cumple, de esta manera se puede hacer seguimiento de cualquier intruso en zonas tanto exteriores como interiores.

These thermal imaging cameras have a very advanced and powerful algorithm for high precision temperature measurement. In addition, it incorporates artificial intelligence based on facial detection. This helps to filter any type of false alarm generated by other heat emitters (cigarettes, coffees, light bulbs, etc).

More than 1,440 people have trusted Eyelink, and you?

Eyelink Security Systems

Access and Presence Control

Reliable and efficient biometric systems that are safe against vandalism and easy to manage when obtaining attendance reports from personnel. Facial recognition for greater security.

Automatic barriers for housing estates, industrial estates, large surfaces with manual openings, by SMS messages, by passing vehicles, etc…. 

License plate capture system with software to identify vehicles in search and to be able to make blacklists to prevent the passage of certain vehicles.


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En Eyelink somos expertos en sistemas de alarma, cámaras de vídeo vigilancia, controles de acceso y presencia, contra incendios y ciber seguridad para que tenga todos los servicios unificados en una sola empresa.

At Eyelink you will find a highly qualified team that forms one of the most specialized companies in the sector of security systems at the level of the Andalusian community, covering all areas from alarm systems, access control, cybersecurity, fire fighting, etc. … OUR GOAL IS YOUR SAFETY.

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